Casual, authentic Italian, meat, and hamburger steak restaurant in Akihabara - Today's recommendation "Carbonara" - 《Meat Budouya》.

Even if it's just a moment of peace 🎵 or a little bit of joy 🎶 we hope you feel as comfortable as if you were sleeping in the shadow of the moon 🎶 and that you can come here and feel ‼️✨ to start working hard again tomorrow.

Hello, I am the master of the kitchen.

Today's dish is carbonara, which means "pasta in the style of a charcoal griller" and is said to have originated in Rome, in the province of Lazio. This time, we use eggs (yolks only), a little bit of cream (not originally added), homemade guanciale (salt from pork cheeks), and a little bit of salt. We use eggs (only egg yolks), a little cream (which we don't use), homemade guanciale (salted pork cheeks), and other ingredients. Finally, an egg (‼️) is added on top. The charcoal is provided by black pepper and black garlic.

This pasta is not mass-produced. We are very grateful for that.

We hope you will take this opportunity to try it.

Meat Day is held on the 9th, 19th and 29th of every month.
Roast beef ¥550

Draft beer ¥319
High Ball ¥319
(Drinks will be served until 7:00 p.m.)

▼Meat grape shop - meat and Italian

3-38 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Taiyo Building 1F

Closed on Sundays and national holidays


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Official] Meat Budou-ya

Official] Meat Budou-ya

1F Taiyo Building, 3-38 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
5 min. walk from JR Akihabara Station
321m from Iwamoto-cho Station
Phone number
Business Hours
[Monday-Thursday, Saturday]
17:30-22:00 Last order for food
[Friday, the day before a national holiday]
17:30-22:30 last order for food
regular closing day
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Credit Cards ;. VISA  master  Amex  DINERS  JCB 
QR code payment ;. PayPay 
no smoking in the entire restaurant
Outdoor smoking area available