Italian food in Akihabara! For women's party, drinking party, eating and drinking meat, vegetables and wine! Recommended 《Meat Budouya》!

February, a leap year that occurs every four years, has begun.
On such a day
The greatest enemy of all, today, is blazing behind the gray clouds. My heart is also on fire.

Clouds have been gathering since last night, but it is not too cold. Please take care of your health.

We are open for business so that you will not feel the loneliness of not being able to see your loved ones last night and tonight.

Hello, I am the owner of a sentimental kitchen.

Well, today we have wine.
Marchesi Inchiza - Grignolino Dusty.

It is made from 100% "Grignolino", a rare grape variety grown in the Piedmont region of Italy (the capital is Turin) since the Middle Ages. DOC Grignolino d'Asti" ‼️ is made from 100% "Grignolino", a rare grape variety cultivated since the Middle Ages in Piedmont, Italy (the capital is Turin).
It is a red wine with a light color (a bit darker than a rosé), but with dense, structured tannins and an elegant finish.
Since yesterday, we have been serving wine by the glass.

It is also known as bresaola (homemade Wagyu beef cured ham. Bresaola is a cured ham made from venison or beef in northern Italy.) is now in a good state of maturity. (^-^ゞ(^-^ゞ(^-^ゞ(^-^ゞ

Why not try it with northern wines and northern food ✨.

Every month on the day containing the number 9 is "Meat Day".

Meat dishes at a special price: ‼️

Draft beer ¥319
High Ball ¥319
(Drinks until 19:00)

▼Meat grape shop - meat and Italian

3-38 Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Taiyo Building 1F

Closed on Sundays and national holidays


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Official] Meat Budou-ya

Official] Meat Budou-ya

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